Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here we go...

So most of my conversations go like this:  "You're a writer, so why don't you have a blog? You need a blog."  It takes me all of half a second before I respond.  "I'm not sure what I'd write about."  
They stare at me, I stare back in that uncomfortable silence we've all experienced in a conversation when the other person says something that you really can't believe they just said, then right on cue they say to me "'re a writer."  "Exactly." I respond.

Needless to say I've come into the blogverse kicking and screaming but unlike the five year old in the department store.  I've looked into the HTML5 enhanced, mobile device perpetuated, film, television and conglomerate orchestrated source-code of Web 2.0 and realize like most tales of good and evil it's not the device, but how you make use of it that matters.  So this web log won't just be about the Tales of this scribe but a commentary on life and all its idiosyncrasies.

However at the time of this blog (and probably for the foreseeable future) I have no followers.  Not to worry though I know soon I'll have at least two (my Mom and Chim Chim - as soon as I teach them both how to use a computer!)

Stay tuned - it probably won't be that boring - probably.

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