Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gods Of Justice Story Review

The Gods of Justice Anthology has been receiving some good reviews. One in particular from Jared Walter had some interesting things to say about my story.

This epic little number by Derek Tyler Attico is a pleasant piece that recycles a lot of what we’ve seen in space/time continuum stories while altering it just enough to make the idea entertaining.  We’re introduced to Forefather who is altering time to stop the travesty of his present.  To do so he needs to find a solution to The Vitruvian and Fenris Beast’s seemingly endless fight before they unwittingly spread a lethal pandemic across the globe.  The answer he comes up with is maybe one of the most rewarding reasons for villainy I’ve ever read outside of Neil Gaiman’s 2009 “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?”  I will warn you, to get the best impact from this story skip the last two sentences.  Attico’s rather dull sense of humor dissolves what is up until then a good story.

I really appreciated the generous words and comparison.  Next time I'll have to keep a pencil sharpener handy.

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